A guide to small brownfield sites and land contamination (C773)

We are pleased to announce the publication of “A guide to small brownfield sites and land contamination (C773)” by CIRIA . We are proud of our role as co-authors on this project, led by Hannah Fraser of HFraser Consulting Ltd.
Small brownfield sites pose particular challenges to landholders, developers, builders and their advisors and funders. Development of brownfield sites can be hindered by derelict structures, below ground obstructions or voids, land contamination, poor ground, archaeological features and buried services because they have been previously used. Small sites can have difficulties with access, and space for storage of materials, vehicles and plant, and are particularly vulnerable to programme delays. However, small sites can be developed relatively quickly if they have been planned and managed well.
This guidance provides advice to help overcome the barriers and issues that can obstruct the development and management of small brownfield sites, and general guidance on the technical, financial and planning issues when managing land contamination.



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