About Ground and Project Consultants

Ground and Project Consultants offers a range of ground engineering and environmental consulting services to businesses across the UK.

Director Jon Smithson has 30 years’ experience in geotechnical and geo-environmental engineering, having worked on and led a number of complex multi-disciplinary engineering and environmental projects.

Jon draws upon a select group of associates who reinforce and complement his own skills, allowing Ground and Project Consultants to tackle a wide range of complex projects.

We recognise that many projects are not one-dimensional and the ability to bring in a range of geological and environmental skills gives our clients the benefits of a full service delivered by highly experienced professionals.

Jon Smithson – Director

John Smithson

Jon’s experience includes the remediation of the Avenue Coking Works in Chesterfield, one of the most challenging and complex regeneration projects in the UK.

Jon’s experience with both SME’s and large multi-national consultants both in the UK and abroad have given him a unique insight into the ground engineering and land quality business.

Ground and Project Consultants works with a number of leading independent experts in the fields of geotechnics, contaminated land, hydrogeology and environmental consultancy and can offer teams to provide clients a comprehensive service.

Michael Buckley

Michael BuckleyMichael’s strong risk assessment and associated understanding of the planning regime, provide G&PC with in depth ability to tackle regeneration and development projects

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Dave Cooke – Contaminated Land and Regeneration

Dave Cooke

Dave Cooke offers a strong compliment to Jon in the field of contaminated land and regeneration with excellent risk assessment skills, as well as offering a Scottish perspective and greater geographical reach.

Hannah Fraser – Consulting Hydrogeologist

Hannah Fraser

Groundwater plays a key role in many civil engineering, development and regeneration projects as well as being a valuable resource to many of our clients, making Hannah’s skills a valuable asset to G&PC.

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Clare Walters – Waste Consultant

Clare Walters

Waste issues are often inextricably linked to development and contaminated land regeneration projects and Clare brings strong technical abilities and excellent knowledge of regulation and regulators.

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Peter Cowsill – Geotechnical and Earthworks Consultant

Peter CowsillPeter’s in depth skills in geotechnical engineering and engineering geology provide Jon with a strength in depth with over 60 years’ experience between them. Peter has particular strengths in mining and mine wastes, tunnelling, earthworks and retaining structures.

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