Assessment of Slurry Lagoons

Slurry lagoonsSlurry lagoons are a common storage facility on many of the UK’s farms. They represent a significant potential hazard to controlled waters both through seepage and from catastrophic failure.

Ground and Project Consultants Ltd have been involved in the geotechnical, hydrogeological and hydrological assessment of slurry lagoons.

CIRIA report 126 Farm Waste Storage provides and their stability (informative to the guidance outlined in CIRIA). This outlines requirements in embankment stability and upper permeability of foundation soils and rocks.

We have carried out ground investigations at existing lagoons where the EA is seeking demonstration that the lagoon does not pose a risk to groundwater and local streams.

We used laboratory and in-situ testing to assist in the characterisation of the soils in terms of permeability and shear strength, which enabled embankment stability analysis and hydraulic suitability.