Housing and Leisure Development in Shropshire

ColmereGround and Project Consultants Ltd has been providing advice to our developer client overcome objections from statutory consultees over concerns of the effect of the development on a Ramsar wetland site and nearby SAC’s.

The concerns centred around hydraulic links and the potential for degradation of water quality due to the development and its effects on the sensitive sites.

Ground and Project Consultants developed a detailed assessment of the impact of the development existing and future water quality assessments and an assessment of linkages with the Ramsar site.

This involved developing an in-depth understanding of the Ramsar/SAC and the prevalent environmental factors which influence water quality.

We were able to successfully demonstrate that the development did not have any significant negative impact and that the development represented a number of opportunities to bring about improvements to the Ramsar and surrounding environment.

Our approach was to gather available data and develop new water quality data, develop a detailed understanding of the potential hazards form development and the potential linkages to receptors, in the context of other ongoing pressures on the environment.

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