Larissa Webster’s first six months at Ground and Project Consultants Ltd

My role here at GPCL began with a two-week work experience after graduating with an MSc in Engineering Geology at University of Leeds. 

I was welcomed in October 2021 with open arms.  The first month really opened my eyes to the type of company and industry I had got myself into!  GPCL are a hands-on, tight knit team who encourage learning above all else.  My core technical skills and industry knowledge have developed considerably in this early stage of my career. 

Since starting with GPCL I have had the opportunity to work on a wide variety of projects including Phase I and Phase II reports, 3D modelling, slope stability and settlement assessments and finite element modelling. 

One highlight from the projects I have worked on so far includes the infill of an underpass tunnel where a main road passes directly above. My involvement included an FEM analysis to investigate the potential settlement of the main road and surrounding access roads caused by the infilling. The work I did on this project allowed me to consider many facets of engineering, such as choosing suitable material properties and assessing various failure modes within a system. Overall, the results of my analysis indicated that the infilling of the underpass resulted in settlements that were within acceptable limits.

I must thank the team, Jon, Gabriella, Ollie and Sam for the support and education they have provided me. I look forward to progressing and developing not only myself but also the company in the future.