Remedial Options Appraisal – Failed Overflow Channel

Ground and Projects Consultants were recently instructed to provide remedial design options for a 150-year-old failed overflow channel.

During winter of 2020, extended periods of wet weather followed by a period of significantly heavy rainfall resulted in the sudden failure of the overflow channel, causing a significant washout of material downhill and the disruption of access routes on site.

Located on the hill sides of North Wales, the steep terrain and challenging ground conditions presented a significant obstacle gaining access to the channel.

To tackle the issues surrounding access, GPCL produced a topographical drone survey which provided an accurate, timely, and cost-effective solution to access constraints across the steep terrain.

Using the elevation data provided from the drone survey, GPCL were able to construct sections of the drainage channel, provide estimates for the quantities of construction materials required, and deliver several conceptual design solutions for the remediation of the collapsed channel.