Land restorationGround and Project Consultants provide a range of geotechnical and environmental services across a range of sectors for clients in the UK.

Sectors include:

  • Developers and house builders
  • Minerals
  • Energy including Nuclear New Build
  • Transportation
  • Water industry

We also work with consultants who need our skills for particular projects.

Key services and areas of expertise

Geotechnical Engineering

Geotechnical EngineeringWe offer a range of expertise in geotechnical engineering, drawing on a wealth of experience across many sectors.

Particular specialisms include:

  • Foundation Recommendations and Design
  • Slope Stability Analysis and Remediation
  • Earthworks Specification and Monitoring
  • Performance of engineered and non-engineering fills
  • Ground Improvement

Basement Impact Assessments for developments in London Boroughs

Basement Impact AssessmentWe work with architects, planners, structural engineers, developers and homeowners in London to meet the planning requirements for basement developments.

Our track record includes meeting the most rigorous requirements from Camden, Westminster, Kensington and Chelsea and Islington.

Basement Impact Assessments


Engineering Geology

Engineering GeologyGround and Project Consultants are ideally placed to help you understand the ground risks relating to your project. We help our clients understand  near surface geology and overlying fill and made ground and how to efficiently and cost effectively sample and test it.

Understanding near surface geology and overlying fill and made ground is essential in developing a thorough understanding of the interaction between the ground and the building, structure or of any ground modification. Built on solid experience of ground investigation and using data acquired to assess and design foundations, earthworks and slopes, Ground and Project Consultants are ideally placed to help you understand the ground risks relating to your project.

Land Quality, Hydrogeology, Waste

Contaminated LandWe have worked on some of the most complex and challenging contaminated land projects in the UK, using advanced risk assessment techniques where necessary and developing remedial options studies resulting in ground breaking clean-up projects.

We have strong capabilities in hydrogeology and our expertise in waste management and permitting areas includes:

  • Licensing and PPC appeals
  • PPC Permit applications
  • Waste Management Licensing applications
  • Advice on exempt activities
  • Environmental data reviews

Additional services and skills

Ground and Project Consultants is led by Jon Smithson, who has nearly 30 years’ experience in geotechnical and geo-environmental engineering, having worked on and led a number of complex multi-disciplinary engineering and environmental projects.

Find out more about our team the About us page.

Jon’s experience means he is well placed to offer further services and skills, including:

Expert witness and Claims Assessment

Jon has experience of providing expert witness and claims assessment services both in geotechnics, particularly in relation to slope stability and earth retaining structures, and in contaminated land. His extensive training in the role of expert witness and forensic approach to understanding the problem mean he is is fully versed in the requirements of experts in the legal and contract arenas.

  • Expert reports
  • History of achieving favourable outcomes
  • Clear concise written style
  • Experience of giving evidence in court
  • Detailed analysis of claims including unforeseen ground conditions and assessment of temporary works failures

Jon’s expert reports have been highly commended with an excellent record of successfully developing favourable outcomes for his clients.

Project Management training

Jon delivers PM training to a range of environmental and geotechnical specialists. He has developed strong project management skills through experience and training in the UK, India and USA.

He customises course material to suit business needs and the existing level of understanding, size range and complexity of projects.

Depending on requirements and budget courses can be half a day to 2 days. We also offer follow up sessions, where we discuss lessons learned with the PMs and how they are putting the course into practice. Subjects covered include:

  • The role of the PM
  • Scope definition
  • Why projects go wrong
  • Change control and management
  • Project Planning
  • Project Reviews
  • Problem Resolution
  • Cash management
  • Project Finances/definitions
  • Communication
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